Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Birthday party post

Well we had the big 6th birthday party on the weekend and I just had to share a few photos. 

I had decided that morning I was never going to have 25 kids at a party ever again (too stressful) but they all had a great time making flower wands (the girls) and monsters on a stick (the boys) and of course we can't forget pass the parcel and a great big lolly hunt.  I am so glad I used my old tablecloth for the craft table as now it is glued and glittered and I have just found out it doesn't come out in the wash.

It was 33 degrees but luckily the buttercream icing stayed on the cake and didn't end up in a puddle on the table!  And speaking of the cake, I had seen all these awesome ombre cakes on Pinterest and have wanted to make one for ages and it worked!  I have to say it's probably the best cake I have ever made and I am seriously in love with it.
And here's a photo of the birthday girl (can you tell which one she is?) looking totally unexcited about the whole thing.
Happy birthday my gorgeous girl.