Thursday, November 1, 2012

Union Jack dress

My daughter's school celebrated Universal Children's Day yesterday.  Originally she was going to wear a Fijian grass skirt complete with coconuts but I couldn't find it anywhere.  I think I may have, in a fit of madness, thrown it out.  So after copious amounts of tears we decided that I was going  to make a flag dress.  This is the result.

I think it turned out pretty well and she actually liked it and has said she 'may wear it again' which is high praise indeed.  Hearing that made it worth the effort and now my son wants a flag dress too so I'm sure I will see him parading around in it at some stage.


  1. Oh I love it! I want one too! Size 14 please! bwahahaha... she is well pleased by the look of her. Very cute too!

  2. It is great! Thank goodness she "may" wear it again! I made my daughter not one but two ice cream dresses, at her request, that she flat out refuses to wear.

  3. Ps, I love the pixellated rainbow borders on your blog - awesome!

  4. Oh how adorable. The story, your daughter and the dress!

    My granddaughter sounds similar in that she wants what she wants and nothing else will do...usually. :) I love her opinionated little self.

  5. This dress is totally adorable! I love it!

  6. love it! your kids sound like a blast :D


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