Saturday, November 10, 2012

Wonder Woman Weekender

I have finished my Wonder Woman (insert appropriate Wonder Woman tv show theme song lyrics) Weekender.  Well blog finished anyway as I still have to sew in the lining. 

I had originally planned to use a red and yellow spot fabric but thought I didn't have enough.  But I mulled over it for a bit and with a little scrimping it worked!  I ended up sewing the handles differently and used a red solid on the inside of the handle so I would have enough of the spot for the piping.  I had to piece a lot of short bias strips together to make it long enough for the piping.  But I'm so excited that I got to use this fabric as I think it gives it a more retro comic feel and I absolutely love my bag!!
This is the front.  I cut the pocket so it had the big picture of wonder woman and the picture of batgirl, supergirl and wonder woman together.
The back
Batgirl on one side pocket
Other side

The zipper went in great, although my top stitching was slightly wonky so I had to unpick part of it and restitch it.  I never used to unpick anything but I must be getting anal in my old age.  The piping now that was another story.  I have sewn in piping before on dresses but it was quite a challenge sewing it into the bag with all the layers on fabric, peltex and interfacing.  I think if I ever make another one I may skip the piping part.  The size 16 jeans needle made most of it a breeze to stitch.  I only broke one needle which I though was pretty amazing.

Now I just need a good movie or tv show to sit and watch while I sew in the lining.

One tip though:

Don't let your 3 year old sit under the table while you are trying to stitch really slow through the multiple bag layers!  Mine was.  He said 'what's this Mummy?' and leans on the presser foot and I almost sew my fingers into my bag as the machine takes off!  I thought my machine had gone mental until I realized what he had done. 

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  1. The ultimate bag - so so so much fun! It is just awesome. I really like the red with yellow dot, you are right - it fits the retro feel of the comic fabric. Glad you didn't have to leave your fingers with the bag!

  2. Love the bag! The red and yellow look great, although I don't think the white spots would have been awful. I love that there is a special batgirl pocket.
    Congrats on the finish, even if it is just a blog finish :-)

  3. Wow, i absolutely love it, i WANT it, NEEEEEEED it! Well done on the finish (lining, who needs lining), it is fantastic, and you're right the red and yellow is terrific, but the red and white would have been great too, the real star is the WW fabric! I have never done piping, and quite frankly i really don't fancy it, you're very brave!!! : ) Ange

  4. Looks wonderful! So glad you got to use the fabric you wanted!

  5. Well done on a beautiful finish - your WW bag looks fabulous!

  6. What a fun bag! Bet you feel like Wonder Woman when you pack in that thing. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Dropped by from P&J and so glad I did, your bag is fantastic, I'm loving seeing what everyone is doing with this Weekender Bag. :)

  8. Gosh, Gillian. I am so glad you popped over to my space and introduced yourself! Wowee, you are a clever crafter! I love this bag. I've squizzed at your quilts and hurt my jaw when it hit the floor. You are indeed clever and yes, get your patchwork mojo flowing so we can see your new quilting techniques. Blessings, Fi xxx

  9. Is this the Amy Butler bag? It's fantastic! I want to give it a go but not plucked up the courage yet, the piping has out me off.
    Since you left me a comment and kindly followed my blog, I've just had a good old nosey through your posts, your quilting is amazing and I love your first post - hilarious!
    Sarah x

  10. You have the CUTEST blog! And your Weekender is amazing!

  11. Wow, that was fast! And your bag looks amazing - love it!

  12. That's awesome, and my husband who is into comics thinks so too, even though it's girly colors :) I really like how it turned out!

  13. What is that red and yellow polka dot fabric called? Or who is it made by?


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