Thursday, November 8, 2012

W.i.P. Wednesday - whoops I mean thursday :)

Ok so no progress on the Santa Sacks or my flower quilt :(  I felt like I had lost my sewjo at the beginning of the week, perhaps due starting the Atkins diet and my lack of sugar leading to headaches and major tiredness!

I have made a start on my Wonder Woman Weekender.  I was in a bit of a tizz over the bag too.  I was so excited about it to begin with and then realized that I didn't have enough of the fabric I had chosen to use for the piping and handles (a super cool retro red and yellow spot).  I only had a half metre so not enough and of course it was all gone from my fabric shop and I couldn't find any online either.  Major bummer!

Anyway I don't know about everybody else but If you're like me when I have an idea of what I want to use it's so hard to find something else that looks right.  I found a red and white spot which I don't like as much so I'm hoping I won't be disappointed when I finish (and considering I paid $28 a metre for it, I want it to look fanatstic!).

Here is the bag cut out with the handle/piping fabric.  Would love any feedback on the fabric choice.

Oh and a little something I actually finished!  Probably because they took no time at all.  Some cute little tags from stiffened felt and twine.

Linkin up to W.i.P. Wednesday at Freshly Pieced.


  1. I think your alternative red polka dot print will still look great with the wonder woman prints. A red solid for piping, perhaps?

    Ohh those tags are super cute!!!

  2. Oh I can't wait to see how this bag is going to turn out

  3. love the WW fabric! Yes the red & white is ok. I can imagine the yellow & red was awesome & you are disappointed! BUT if you aren't happy, wait till you find something you will not be a little bit disappointed about. You don't want to make it all up & be not so chuffed cos it still wasn't the fabric you really like... Can you use that fabric for something else special? Border, sashing, something else where you will get the money out of it?

    I'm looking at the red/white thinking the spots are too big for it. Makes it too busy with the business of the WW prints. What was the other one like? Can we see a picture? Maybe you could use the other one in part with a plain on the back of the handles? Then you could get some use out of it!

    Sorry... so much to say! lol

  4. Love the WW fabric, it is going to be amazing, and the red and white is really lovely too, but i know what you mean about having an idea and then having to go a different way because you haven't got enough- very irritating! I think with the piping the big spot will end up as a bit of a stripe wont it, and i think that would give a pretty cool effect round it? I bet when you're finished i wont be able to resist making one of those bags i'll be so jealous. : )
    Love the little tags, they would make great Christmas tree decorations too, what did you stiffen them with?
    Ange : )

  5. Just came over from Lee's and that bag is going to be amazing!! I really like the red dots. The tags are adorable too :)

  6. I think the red dot looks fabulous - though I know what you mean - so hard to change direction when an idea has stuck! Please do tell how you made those adorable tags!!!


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